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Is it normal for Dogs to eat grass

Not all grass and weeds are good for your pooch health

Food is love and every living being on earth needs food.

But grass? Yaa!!! How can we forget animals like cattle, goat, horse, etc.. eat grass to fill their tummy.

Not everyone is a cow or a goat. Especially Dogs! Why do they eat grass? Why are they stuck to this green? Passionately curious, maybe.

Your Dog has a well-balanced diet, he may still be following grass. Haven’t you noticed this, your adorable Doggy eating grass oftentimes? Studies say it’s due to they miss some nutrients in their diet or they enjoy eating grass.

Oh please, don’t think your Dogs are herbivorous creatures grazing in the field, filling their tummies with grass. NO!
Dogs tends to eat pretty decent amount of grass at a frantic pace
It is true that Dogs eat grass, but it’s quite normal. Even the wild ones do it! No intestinal damages to hit.

IT IS NATURAL, though it shouldn’t be encouraged. The grass is considered as a “non-food item”.

Grass doesn’t have a negative impact on the Dog’s digestive system or the overall health. Good, Grace! Great news.

Let me tell you something about Pica

Doggy eating non-food items is known as Pica know more at

Have you heard of Pica? Well, not the Pikachu Pika. It’s the Pica for Dogs.

“Pica” is the condition or behavior where Dogs consume plants and other non-food items. In many instances, it may be due to nutritional deficiency.

Pica just arises out of boredom in young Doggies and puppies. WOW! Boredom? Seriously? What do we do when we’re bored?! *giggles*.

Doggies are clueless & curious

Dog's have curious noses and anxious mouths know more at

Haven’t you noticed small children putting everything in their mouth when they don’t know what to do or what is what? Or an attempt to eat whatever they find?

Same goes for Dogs. They are just always curious and clueless. Maybe it is an attraction towards the color green that they end up eating grass. That’s one hell of a curiosity.

You do not have to worry about leaving your Dog alone or on the lawn. If your dog finds it nice to eat grass, let them. No harm is coming the way.

MAKE SURE!!! Grass or any herbicides in the lawn are not treated with pesticides or fertilizers(1) as it may sometimes endanger life of your Dog.

Now let’s get into detail why is your Dog frantically eating grass…

Lack of fiber – one of the main reason

Dogs sometimes tend to eat grass when they lack fiber in their body. Fiber is found in plants, it could be one reason why your canine eat grass.

Fiber has a balancing effect on the gut. It helps your canine in digestion.

Want to check out? Take your Dog on a high-fiber diet and chances are high for him to stop eating grass.

So, what say? Let him eat grass or are you going with the fiber?

Why is my Dog eating grass as if it’s the end of the world? *shocked*

Are you worried about your Dog’s actions? Worried that he is crazily eating grass and just won’t give up?

You are nurturing your dog with best brand of Dog food still is he so cranky of grass.

Well, chances are that he is suffering from gastrointestinal issues and badly wants to throw up. Consuming grass too much will end up in vomiting and I guess, that’s peace for him.

It is high time to check his diet and bring forth changes. You definitely don’t want him eating up your lawn. Do Ya?

But maybe, it is not the boredom or the lack of fiber. Maybe it is not the curiosity. Maybe, just maybe, it is just that your Dog loves grass and how it tastes. Can’t it be so? I guess that is a deep thought but, you never know.

Frequently asked question

Why does my Dog suddenly want to eat grass?

Dogs often eats grass due to:(2)

  • When dogs suffer from gastrointestinal distress, like nausea, gas or bloating they eat grass.
  • Sometimes intestinal worms insist them to eat grass.
  • Doggies are smart they try to fulfill lack of nutrients eating grass.
  • Like a human being, they do follow traits that their ancestors inherited.
  • He is happy chewing grass just for fun or maybe because of boredom.

Why does my Dog want to eat grass and weeds?

Doggies are very interested in eating the non-food item. You might be wondering if this grass and weeds so delicious? EASY!!! That’s not the reason…

Dietary imbalance, stress, boredom, easing digestion are common reasons why pooch eats grass and weeds. Guess the result!!! Oftentimes it ends up with an upset stomach.

How to treat your Dog’s upset stomach?

Dogs usually consume grass to clean up their digestive system. Sometimes they end up with stomach problem eating grass. All you have to do is take your Doggy to the nearest VET.

STOP a while

Now you could understand why dog eating grass and its after effects but there some harmful plants should take away from doggies. What houseplants are poisonous to Dogs?

So, what’s the takeaway?

It is natural for your Dogs to eat grass but ensure their health conditions are good.

Keep a routine check on their diet and avoid unhealthy food. Engage in activities and keep them energetic.

Slouching and laziness can lead to activities like crazy grass eating. Keep him happy, and a happy Dog is always healthy, no matter what he eats.

What do you think?

Written by Your Dog Advisor

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